This website has been growing and changing for a number of years and as it does so some of the content becomes out of date and is no longer easily accessible from the primary links. This page was designed to allow access to older information, documents and publications that are still hidden away on this site and may be useful or interesting. If you know what you are looking for try our site search to find pages with matching words. The site search only searches html files but the pages will have links to download any other related material.

SSSP Books

Title Author Publisher
Negotiation for Health and Social Services Professionals Keith Fletcher Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 1 8530254 9 6
Best Value Social Services Keith Fletcher Social Services Strategic Planning
ISBN 0 9533002 1 8
Child Protection - A Change of Emphasis Keith Fletcher Social Services Strategic Planning
ISBN 0 9533002 0 X
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Articles by SSSP Associates

  • Articles by Keith published in Community Care magazine.

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    Word Documents on this website

  • Gloucester Anti-poverty Strategy - A Review
  • Project Planning Leaflet
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    Powerpoint presentations on this website

  • Best Value presentation material
  • Recruitment and Staff retention presentation material
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