Articles by Keith Fletcher

Keith writes a regular article for the magazine "Community Care". The copyright for these pieces is vested with the magazine but there is a standing arrangement with the editor to reproduce them on this web site. You will find other links to the articles from relevant subjects but the full list is reproduced on this page in chronological order.
9-15 April 1998 Working together is key How will the Government's consultation paper on child protection affect our local policy and practice? 
4-10 June 1998 The body compatible Working together
30 July-5 August 1998 Give them the evidence Called to account
24-30 September 1998 Evaluating Best Value Evaluating Best Value
12-18 November 1998 Get around the table A Negotiated Settlement
28 January - 3 February 1999 Skill Waters Run Deep What's the word
4-10 February 1999 Control Shift The Internet & Social Care
8-14 April 1999 Pick you Target Pick your target
24-30 June 1999 Essence of Best Value Essence of Best Value
2-8 September 1999 Working in Harmony Partnership
11-17 November 1999 Providing best services Best value and the service providers
 24 February - 1 March 2000 Managing the media Polishing the Image
6-12 July 2000 Partners in prevention Social Inclusion and Social Services

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