Social Exclusion and Poverty

Towards the end of September 1997, shortly after the Government announced the establishment of the Social Exclusion Unit, SSSP produced a short paper which was the culmination of many conversations and written comments. They came from several local authorities, from Wales Council for Voluntary Action, Partnership at Work, NSF Wales, LGMB Anti-Poverty Unit, The National Local Government Forum Against Poverty, the Welsh Local Government Association, the Welsh Federation of Housing Associations, NACRO, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Wales and Glenys Kinnock M.E.P.

The paper was called “Social Exclusion and Poverty; a local infrastructure” and it proposed a framework for a local strategy led by a local authority. The paper provoked further responses which we summarised in a letter to our original respondents in January 1998. The paper and the letter are still available; price £3.50 post free from SSSP.Now published on this site. @ REPORT and RESPONSES

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