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The principal services we offer are referenced briefly on the home page. The services listed here are within the same range of skills and are broadly the same subjects addressed from somewhat different angles. 

Performance Improvement.

Keith himself has been involved in Department of Health performance improvement teams (PATs) in social services in Coventry, Haringey and Plymouth and    Oldham. If you have a service, or an aspect of a service, which you think requires a major lift to raise its level of performance tell us about it and let us see if we can put together a proposal which interests you. [further information] [back]

Much of the PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT work undertaken by SSSP in the past has been sponsored by Department of Health and the main contractor has been KPMG, with whom Keith Fletcher is an associate of some years standing, and Deloitte. The demand arose from the star rating system introduced by DH some years ago. But it could arise from any kind of review which caused an authority to wish to focus attention on improving an aspect of their service. If you have such a need we would be happy to put together a team appropriate to the task from among our associates.

Project Management and Mentoring.

Management Are you trying to get a new project off the ground and having capacity difficulties within your own management team. Do you want to engage someone who is able to "hit the ground running" at a high level and then go away again when the project is established? We can usually find you that someone from among our excellent team of associates. It is a cost effective solution to a common problem. [back]

Mentoring Are you responsible for managing a project with which you need help and advice? Sometimes a regular session with a mentor during a key phase in the life of the project is the best way to meet that need. One of our associates may be just the person you are looking for. [back]

We have recently produced an information leaflet on this subject for colleagues in agencies and partnerships who are responsible for project development. If you would like to download it as an MS Word Document follow the link.

Service Review.

Best Value is one of many reasons why you might want to review a service. We have been involved in financial reviews, reviews of service quality, reviews of demographic range and service targets and "comprehensive" reviews. The central issue for all reviews is that, however closely you target your review, you must keep an eye on the other factors while you do it. Why employ us to do this? There is the capacity issue of course. Your own managers have their day job to do! But an external perspective, if it is well informed and experienced adds a value over and above added capacity. [back]

Whether we are talking about a Best Value Review, a financial audit or a project analysis the process follows a similar pattern.

Over reliance on one or two factors, or on the wrong performance indicators, can distort the analysis and lead to the wrong solutions. You need someone who knows what they are doing. We have one of the most experienced and versatile consulting teams you will find anywhere.

Negotiation Training.

Negotiation lends itself well to a training format and two of our associates in particular are very experienced in this field. Both have books on the subject to their credit and have trained many people in the social and health care fields who are engaged in negotiation as part of their working life (and that means most people!) If you have a need in your agency to improve staff negotiating skills let's discuss your requirements. [further information] [back]

Recruitment and Retention of Staff

These two MS Powerpoint presentations, produced for different purposes on different occasions, sum up our general approach to recruitment and retention. If you think we might be able to help let’s have a discussion. SSSP R&R1  SSSP R&R2

Selling to the Public Sector

This is a new service we offer to the commercial and voluntary services in particular. We know the public sector and we have a track record in developing partnerships in  social care and health in particular. But we know that many commercial companies find negotiating with local authorities and government departments and arranging to sell their goods and services difficult and frustrating. We can offer you useful advice if you are planning to sell your products or services to help you understand them better and to design your approach to increase your chances of success.

Mission, values and quality assurance

Our clients have a right to know what we are trying to do - what we think is important - and how we intend to make sure that we deliver as promised. We set our standards very high and we are only interested in being the best in the business. If we make a mistake we move heaven and earth to put it right and to learn enough not to repeat it. [further information] [back]

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