Public Sector

The Town Hall

"We were interested in the service you have to offer but it would need to fit in with the authority's normal tendering process."

We understand and respect your democratic accountability: almost all our associates have worked in the public sector in the past themselves. So we go to enormous lengths to "fit in with the normal tendering process", however it works in your case.

You will see, from a tour round the rest of this site that we offer products to address and solve problems to do with:-

However important these headings might be to you, we know that you must address them in terms, and in the language, of your own policy agenda. And you have to be transparent about being seen to act in a fair, impartial and economical way. We will do all in our power to help you demonstrate that - provided you give us the chance by asking us to bid for work which falls within our remit. Put us on your mailing list of consultants. If you need more detail that the site provides we will be delighted to hear from you.

Sometimes it helps to clear the fog to have an initial consultation to decide how to tackle a bigger job. We will provide that service "at cost" without any assumption that it will give us a privileged position in the competition to undertake the larger project and of course without any commitment that we will take it on if we are not convinced that we can add value. There is a flat rate of £195 plus VAT and travel for this service which is subject to our normal guarantee.*

SSSP Ltd., September 2003