Commercial Services

"I provide a good service. The staff are excellent and very committed. They are well trained and we keep them up to speed with the latest developments. But it's the (public service) customers who are the big problem. They just don't understand the rules of the commercial game." Jump for joy

It's always the other bloke of course. If only he or she would change their unacceptable behaviour everything would be fine. But of course you and your clients/patients/residents are only part of your customers' reality - and not usually a very powerful part. But that is susceptible to change and part of our service to you is to find ways of achieving those changes:-

  1. By exploring with you the part of their behaviour you can influence, and how to go about it.
  2. By giving you and your staff a better grasp of the issues which your public sector colleagues face, like Best Value. If that is what they have to deal with how can you respond to them in a way which makes their life easier - and puts you in a stronger position to negotiate?

You'll find a lot more information on Best Value and negotiation elsewhere on the site. When you've had a look round you may decide to ask us for an initial consultation before deciding whether a more substantial project would be useful to you. We would be delighted to visit you to discuss your needs and how to address them and we provide an introductory "at cost" service for just that purpose. An initial assessment consultation costs £195 plus VAT and travel. It's risk free under our service guarantee*. It may lead to solutions to a number of your most pressing problems. This service is of course offered without further commitment on either side: we are both at liberty to say, "thank you" and walk away from each other with no hard feelings.

*SSSP Guarantee

SSSP Ltd., September 2003