Voluntary Services

Voluntary Services "We provide a service which is special. Everything we do is driven by concern for our clients. But there is no way we can do that without major public support. We expect to have to demonstrate that we spend public money wisely but the local authorities are changing. Best Value benchmarks seem to be more and more driven by cost at the expense of quality."

There's certainly some truth in this perception in some places at present. But in the longer term Best Value is going to drive local authorities to have greater regard for quality and to look to voluntary and commercial service providers more and more. There's a bright future for those who are gearing themselves up to meet it.

There will be losers too among those who are not. And our experience indicates that many, perhaps most, service providing voluntary agencies are not keeping pace with these changes. The agenda is being dictated by the local authorities and it doesn't need to be like that.

Ask yourself, "Are we doing enough to position ourselves to get the best out of Best Value for ourselves and our clients?" Look around the site: might we be able to help you to think through what you need to do?

Why not book an initial consultation. It will cost you our "break even" fee of £195 plus VAT and travel but it is subject to our normal guarantee* so it is effectively risk free; and any work we do for you in the future is subject to a 15% discount for voluntary organisations .

*SSSP Guarantee

SSSP Ltd., September 2003