Some of the subjects we have worked on during our ten years of existence are listed on this page. As a learning agency with an expanding group of experienced and variously qualified associates (see the PEOPLE page) we are able to take on new areas of work; but strictly within the fields of social care, health and partnerships for governance. That's what we know about; that's what we do.

Equipment Services
The Audit Commission produced a report on this subject "Fully Equipped" which was, to say the least, critical of the current service in most areas. We are members of the Development Consultancy team appointed by Cardiff County, The Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust to analyse the current services and bring forward proposals for change. It is unlikely to be the last project of this kind.
Best Value
best value
Keith Fletcher wrote Best Value Social Services in 1998 to accompany the new policy initiative and we ran a long series of seminars for public sector, voluntary and private social care people on the back of it. Keith Fletcher and Mike Williams collaborated on another book commissioned by NCVCCO called "Best Value; a handbook for the voluntary child care sector".

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Partnership for
Children and Families

The statutory agencies in Barnsley, South Yorkshire have been developing a joint management initiative across health, education and social care, The Barnsley Partnership. We have been privileged to make a contribution to developing services for children and families. This is one of the most exciting developments of its kind around and we are very keen to continue SSSP's association with it.
Integrated Services for
Elderly People

Some years ago we undertook a feasibility study of a completely integrated service for elderly people for a German voluntary organisation. The concept, already in existence in German at the time, was of a complete service combining domiciliary care, sheltered housing, residential care, with nursing, medical and even hospital support if necessary. It was ahead of its time for Britain then but much of the thinking is now legally and organisationally feasible.
Social Inclusion
Gloucester City wanted to review their anti-poverty strategy and commissioned us to review it for them. Our study (about two years ago) concluded that the the City and the many voluntary and community bodies which were part of "GAPA" needed to refocus to take account of the pro-active Government social inclusion agenda. The City had a solid and well developed platform on which to build.
For more about social inclusion in general - and the Gloucester city report go here.
Recruitment and Retention of Staff

Underpinning many of the difficulties facing social services agencies with which we worked was, and still is, a growing problem of staff recruitment. We became so concerned about it that we developed a generic tool to focus specifically on the task, either in its own right or as part of better performance management. We are working on a project in this field for the London Borough of Waltham Forest at present. For more information about the subject click here.
Partnership other issues
For a general article on the subject of partnership click here. For information on partnership issues in Child Protection follow the link.
For information about NEGOTIATION courses books and articles follow the link.

These are just some of the projects we have worked at over the years. You'll find references to others in different parts of the site. All our associates have professional experience in at least one of the services with which we work and we understand the political and financial context of all of them very well.

As Consultants we are change agents: our task is to help the other stakeholders exploit new promises, policies or resources to fulfil their functions more effectively; or to deal with threats or exposed weaknesses which others have identified. Though we have been academics, practitioners, managers and policy people that's not what we bring to the party. We look to:-

Academics to know about the demography, the treatment strategies, the history and the research but not (usually) with a particular agenda other than to share their knowledge with the other stakeholders.

Practitioners to know about the treatment strategies and be skilled at applying them for the benefit of the client. They should also develop a skill in "working the system" to get the best result for the client.

Managers to know how to run a pro-active service which makes best use of the practitioners' time and skills and makes best use of the budget which the politicians have allocated to the task.

Politicians to know about achieving public acceptability and goodwill for the service for which they are responsible.

Our job is to help you do yours better.

Recent Clients (some direct; some under sub-contract)

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